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About Us

Same Song, Different Dress
PNPC Animal Rescue/Canadian Wings of Rescue has been saving the lives of innocent animals, one flight at a time, since 2012. Originally known as “Pilots N Paws Canada,” we were created to support rescue groups, shelters, and wildlife rehabilitation organizations within Canada. Working with our volunteers pilots, we provide free transportation that helps get wildlife and companion animals to new beginnings. This could include: a new home, a foster home, a specialized rehabilitation center, a region where the population is larger and the chance of adoption greater.

The charity underwent a period of restructuring, and has returned under the name “PNPC Animal Rescue/Canadian Wings of Rescue.” Essentially, we are dancing to the same tune, but are now wearing a different dress, as they say. 

If you are a registered Canadian shelter, or a rescue group, you can register with us here on the Forum. Please note, we DO NOT provide international flights, nor do we import animals from outside Canada.

Saving the Lives of Innocent Animals One Flight at a Time